The Robinson House
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A Moveable Feast
Greco-Japoneque Seafood Dinner
Sukiyaki Dinner in the Tatami Room
Spring is Here Ladies - Bento Box Luncheon
High Tea in the Wisteria Pergola
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Four Seasons Hotel Styling
Four Seasons Hotel Styling 2
California Wellness Institute Styling
Wynn Resort, Macau Styling

Guests are greeted at the beach end of the river with Greek and Japanese appetizers and take the bridge towards the house into the sushi bar, then have a formal dinner in the dinning room.  Below images of the venues for each course without images of the menu.

Miniature homeamde and homegrown traditional Greek Style meat & rice Dolmades

Tuna tartar on Japanese rice crackers topped with avocado chili oil sauce

Taru Sake and Ouzo

Selection of Sashimi

Ouzo-scented Crab Chawan mushi in sake cups

Salad Grilled baby octopus cucumber salad with yuzu vinaigrette and melitzanosalata

Main Course:
*Oregano pollen dusted sauted fish with garlic-potato puree
*Gigandes Giant Beans with tomato-dill sauce
*Steamed Bright Lights Swiss Chard with olive oil and lemon

Selection of Greek Cheeses and Greek Honey

Lavander Galactobureko